More Franc D’Ambrosio

Here are the photos I took of Franc D’Ambrosio’s performace at ECU. I used my Canon T2i, with an EFS 55-250 lens for both the still images and the videos (that I will post later from YouTube, since WordPress doesn’t recognize the files).


Wednesday, February 29

Franc D’Ambrosio, the longest-running Phantom of Broadway—and Michael Corleone’s opera singing son in The Godfather Part III—came to ECU for a concert. These are only the photos from my iPhone 4S, but I got some amazing shots and video that I’ll be posting soon. Genuinely one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met—and not to drop names, but I have met DeNiro. 🙂





My co-star from Cabaret, Amber. 20120228-222336.jpg