Missing Posts

If you’ve been hanging around my blog anytime this week, you’ve probably noticed a ton of posts about Franc D’Ambrosio’s appearance at my university, including two videos that I shot at the event and uploaded to YouTube. Well, I just got a phone call from the university, demanding the removal of the videos. Apparently, Mr. D’Ambrosio’s promoter sent two very angry emails, threatening to sue the university. So, I played nice and took them down, because I do love ECU, and I would never intentionally harm this place.

But I do want to clarify that the videos were posted there and here in order to complete an assignment for a class–not because I was trying to make money off of Mr. D’Ambrosio’s performance. That’s silly. If I was trying to make money, I’d have copied the cd I bought and sold the copies for half the price I paid for the original, or copied his signature on photos. You know…illegal stuff. But I didn’t, and I won’t. Because even though money makes the world go around, I still have enough dignity to do the right thing.

And the right thing trumps an A, any day.


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