“The Dirty Game” or is it?

“The Dirty Game” or is it?.

In which my good friend, Jared, discusses the allegations of extreme misconduct made by SportsIllustrated against Oklahoma State University.

It’s a compelling read and it poses a lot of questions about the way we, as a society, treat college athletes.



Missing Posts

If you’ve been hanging around my blog anytime this week, you’ve probably noticed a ton of posts about Franc D’Ambrosio’s appearance at my university, including two videos that I shot at the event and uploaded to YouTube. Well, I just got a phone call from the university, demanding the removal of the videos. Apparently, Mr. D’Ambrosio’s promoter sent two very angry emails, threatening to sue the university. So, I played nice and took them down, because I do love ECU, and I would never intentionally harm this place.

But I do want to clarify that the videos were posted there and here in order to complete an assignment for a class–not because I was trying to make money off of Mr. D’Ambrosio’s performance. That’s silly. If I was trying to make money, I’d have copied the cd I bought and sold the copies for half the price I paid for the original, or copied his signature on photos. You know…illegal stuff. But I didn’t, and I won’t. Because even though money makes the world go around, I still have enough dignity to do the right thing.

And the right thing trumps an A, any day.

Friday, January 27



After the University broke ground on the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center, construction took six years. This is the new Stonecipher School of Business. The groundbreaking ceremony was October 18, 2011. It’ll be finished by the fall semester, I’m betting. Life is unfair sometimes.