More Franc D’Ambrosio

Here are the photos I took of Franc D’Ambrosio’s performace at ECU. I used my Canon T2i, with an EFS 55-250 lens for both the still images and the videos (that I will post later from YouTube, since WordPress doesn’t recognize the files).

Wednesday, February 29

Franc D’Ambrosio, the longest-running Phantom of Broadway—and Michael Corleone’s opera singing son in The Godfather Part III—came to ECU for a concert. These are only the photos from my iPhone 4S, but I got some amazing shots and video that I’ll be posting soon. Genuinely one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met—and not to drop names, but I have met DeNiro. 🙂





My co-star from Cabaret, Amber. 20120228-222336.jpg

Profile: Dr. Kurt Edwards

For my Photojournalism class, we were asked to pick a professor to profile. I chose Dr. Kurt Edwards, Professor of Musical Theatre, and the director of the show I’m currently in. I’ve gotten to know Dr. Edwards over the last few months, and already, he is one of the best teachers I’ve had.